January 22, 2017.

        I am a genius and self made millionaire. I made most of my money in real estate. I could be a multi-millionaire if I wanted it but I don't need that much. How much can one man spend anyhow? I am a self-made millionaire which simply means I made my million myself and I didn't inherit it. That's not to say my parents and grandparents didn't help me because they did. My grandparents sold me my first house on a zero interest rate loan which is pretty much selling a house for two thirds off. My dad actually gave me a house on 1.6 acre. You may think with a start like that you could be a millionaire too (assuming you're not). Knowing how to invest would still be necessary along with knowing not to work for minimum wage. I'll give you an example; I bought a run down house for $6,100 and sold it just the other day for $14,000. If you're a multi-millionaire you'll say " that was child's play, I don't get out of bed for less than 10k ". If you work for minimum wage you'll say " I want to learn how to do that ". I hope visiting my two websites will give you some ideas on how I got extra money when I was a minimum wage slave to invest.  
















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